Four Pueblo Colorado Restaurants That Are Sure To Impress You

Pueblo, Colorado is officially a metropolis, especially if you count the entire metro statistical area, and its motto is ‘A City of Excellence.’ I think that transfers to all of its restaurants because there are some good ones for sure. We are going to take a look at four of the great restaurants in Pueblo, Colorado so you will know what places are good for grabbing a meal while you are there.

The top ranked restaurant in Pueblo is Shamrock Brewing Company. It is located on West 3rd Street, and it is known for fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, corned beef and all kinds of great menu items. One reviewer talks about running into this restaurant while traveling to Great Sand Dunes National Park. You don’t have to just accidentally run into this gem because you were told about it ahead of time. And by the way, jumbo chicken wings are on the menu, too.

Cactus Flower Restaurant is located on North Elizabeth Street, and it is enchiladas, smothered pork chops and much more. Wait, did someone say smothered pork chops? That sounds absolutely delicious, and there are plenty of other delicious choices. O e reviewer calls the food served at Cactus Flower Restaurant Tex-Mex cuisine, which is certainly right up my alley.

Mill Stop Cafe is located on Bay State Avenue, and it is known for enchiladas, sopapillas, bean burritos and plenty of other favorites when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Customers say that this establishment gets rather busy, and it is also a family owned restaurant. Not only are you going to get great food, but you are going to enjoy great service at the same time.

B Street Cafe is the last restaurant for this short article about Pueblo CO. It is located on West B Street, and it is huevos rancheros, fried potatoes, salads and all kinds of great foods. Reviewers say that the restaurant is located right across the street from Union Depot. You can tell you can eat both breakfast and lunch at this place, so enjoy your brunch.

That rounds out this small list of four top restaurants in Pueblo, Colorado. Out of those four, which of them would be the first place you picked? I think I would stop by Cactus Flower Restaurant first, but it’s hard to decide. All of them sound good to me, and that brewing company should certainly be a unique place to visit.

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